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DEER PROCESSING Standard Cut Includes Your Choices of: Chops, Steaks, Roast, Fillets, and Burger (All Meat Deboned)

We Guarantee Your Own Burger Back Burger is Double Ground and Mixed with a Secret Seasoning that is also Guaranteed Full of Flavor and Moisture at No Extra Charge

Chops are from the loin and are whole or butterflied at No Extra Charge.

FREE Vacuum Sealing on All Meat Cuts

FREE Vacuum Sealing on All Meat Cuts

“We believe in providing our customers with a quality experience from the first time they enter the shop until they pick up their final purchase. Upon arrival your deer is hung in a clean, cold storage cooler and treated with abundant care. We use various woods for smoking our meats to provide the best possible flavor for our products. Our burger is double ground and mixed with a secret ingredient, guaranteed to be full of flavor and moisture at no extra charge. We also are proud to guarantee your own burger back, no bulk processing in this shop, only high quality ingredients." ---- Brad Williams

Brats, Smoked Hams, Corned Venison and Jerky are also available

Plus 3 Types of Sausage: Summer, Hunter and Breakfast



Large Game


Small Game





Unique Taxidermy

African and Exotic Taxidermy

African and Exotic


Mounts, Antlers & European

  largest buck in lenawee county

Full Habitat


Rugs and Stuff

News and Events

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